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Friday, February 21, 2014

Canada wins DOUBLE GOLD in Ice Hockey!

What? Come on, Don't you dare say that yet you must be saying to yourself, Don't jinx us, Damn!! Well, No matter what the outcome of the game on Sunday may be as far as I am concerned WE have already won DOUBLE GOLD!

What am I talking about you must be asking yourself, well here it is. The women's game was one for the ages and not only in the Women's Ice Hockey Category but will probably go down as one of the greatest comebacks and games in the history of IIHF and Olympic history for either a Women's or Men's Final. Then we get to today's semi-final game between you got it, the USA & Canada again, a rematch of the Women's Gold Medal Final and it didn't disappoint in any aspect at all of the game.

I am not referring to the victory today over the skilled and incredibly talented and fast paced U.S team or even the Canadian Women's Gold Medal Victory, I am referring to the way in which our Country united together, donned Team Canada apparel, sat in their homes, offices, bars, metros, subways, malls, classrooms and just about anywhere there was a TV screen that had the game on today.

If you are on any of the Social Media mainstream sites your timeline and feeds were without a doubt filled with nothing but #teamcanada hashtags and updates for the entire day and it is still going strong hours after the game has completed. To see the many families and Dads & Mom's with their kids all dressed in RED & White waving flags and jumping up and down in their family/living rooms cheering on their TEAM,,,,,,, had to send chills and goose bumps up and down your body, if it didn't, then you truly were one of the very few that didn't.

It wasn't just hockey fans as they claim to be, it was everyone from every nook and cranny you could ever imagine. From the young who were experiencing their very first Olympics to the elderly who may be experiencing their last Olympic Games it really didn't matter because for 2 1/2 hours today our Province and Nation came to a stand still and stood as one to cheer for Team Canada and they were not disappointed for one second. The game was a success for "US" and it was a success for one reason and one reason only.....We wanted it more and we had more heart than the other side, plain and simple. The hype from all media sources was that the mighty U.S team were finally poised to take the big step and surpass us in our National Sport. We had Canadian NHL players stating that they thought the U.S we're to strong and skilled for us to contend and compete with. That the skill would prevail....something they forgot in all of this was to tell that to Team Canada. Believe me they knew that they had a whole entire Country taking unpaid holidays, skipping school and work, calling in sick and that they were going to give it everything they had for 60 minutes and if they did then the result would be in their favour. I'm quite sure they saw just as we did the viral video released on Social Media about how the USA we're ready to claim hockey Supremacy in the the "Dear Canada....." video clip, what they didn't realize is that when like minded people are on the same team with the same goals in mind then it is a very powerful bond that is near impossible to break. It is not a bond that comes by just asking for it, it is a bond that comes together very quickly when needed to fight the fight and battle everything and anything that gets in your way.

This bond is not just something we see from our NHL players playing in the Olympics, it is and was everywhere today in Canada as you all were witness to from your Facebook, Twitter and TV feeds. It was a very powerful thing to watch and is something that each and everyone of us should remember and carry into your own lives each and everyday. It is something that we shouldn't have to wait for the Olympics to see and experience, it is something that we should ALL learn to practice day in and day out because when like minded forces combine with the same goal and desire and dedication anything is possible, anything! We all bared witness to that these past 2 days as we showed the world what an amazing bunch of people we are. If the results so far are not enough to make you realize that we've already won double gold then you need to give your head a shake, drop back 5 yards and give it the best punt of your life because you have definitely missed not only the true meaning of the Olympics but the true meaning of what life is all about! If you want something bad enough you will make whatever sacrifices neccessary to get it just as long as you have the heart to do so!

Thank you Team Canada in every sport as you have not only joined forces to give us one of the most amazing WinterOlympics ever but you have also joined friends, families, towns and a Nation!!!

Thanks Again & God Bless,


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