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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here we GO again!

Well, its that time of year again when ice ricks are in full operation and the kids are ready to begin their journey of reaching their GOALS & DREAMS!

It really is a special time of year for everyone involved in the great sport of hockey isn't it? All the young minor hockey programs are in full swing and every player and team starts off as optimistic as possible with the hopes of scoring the OT winner and leading their clubs to a Championship Season! Now it isn't only the kids that are positive and ready to roll, it is virtually every player no matter of gender or age or level of hockey they are playing.

This isn't just in minor hockey, it is at the Major Midget Levels, Junior, the NLSHL as every team is about to begin a new season and strive for the Herder. It is seen in the NHL with not only the players but with us the fans. All you have to do is find a Leafs or Habs fans Facebook timeline on a Saturday night and you'll soon see exactly what I am talking about, just check mine out, Ive already got my beloved Leafs in the Stanley Cup Finals ending decades of heartache and finally lifting the Cup at least once in my lifetime!

It is not only a time of optimism but also a time when journeys and life changing events occur. Many young players will be embarking on their final year of minor hockey, many will be making the jump to the professional level and many will also be leaving home for the first time to encounter a whole new lifestyle and culture in the pursuit of fulfilling their lifelong dreams, I wish each and everyone of you nothing but success. Just embrace every second and experience that is thrown your way because before you know it the game will have passed you by.

There have been a lot of changes in all the leagues and players we follow and support here in NL during the past off-season and this looks like it will be a season with plenty to talk about and discuss and hope you're all as excited as I am to get the GAB on the go again for season IV.

You can feel the hockey season in the air and see it everywhere you turn…from local sports websites to Facebook and every other medium possible and in between. The season is ready to roll and memories and friendships are ready to be forged that will hopefully last a lifetime! Sit back relax and get ready to cheer as the World's Fastest and Best sport is once again in full force!

Thank you,


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  1. Come on Gilly.......I was expecting something more than a middle of the road...fuzzy feeling GAB.... I want to Old Gilly back..... looking forward to more Gabs....... BY the way.....Leafs winning the Cups.......not in this century. LMAO...keep dreaming...